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Why should I upgrade my store?

On 2023 Shopify announced a new version of Checkout and required all Shopify Plus customers that have customizations done to their checkout.liquid to upgrade to the new version of the checkout before August 13th, 2024.

Don't wait till last minute


  • New purchase options: Pre-Orders
  • New payment options: Installments
  • New shipping and delivery functionality: Shop promises, Estimated delivery dates, Shipping Pickup points, subscription shipping rate names.
  • Marketing Features: SMS Marketing opt-in, Email Marketing opt-in
  • B2B: Vaulted Credit cards, Flexible shipping addresses, customizable checkout experience
  • One page checkout

All these features available after you upgrade!

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Why .VNS?

  • Guided Transition: We will make your shift from checkout.liquid to checkout extensibility smooth and worry-free.
  • Custom Solutions: No matter how many modifications you have in your checkout.liquid file we can code Shopify Functions, Extensions and apps that will help you to migrate.
  • Dedicated Support: Continuous support ensuring that your checkout process remains optimized and powerful.
Book your free analysis now!

Free Analysis!

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Book your free analysis now!
  • Step 1

    Evaluation of your current

    checkout setup. (included in the free analysis)

  • Step 2

    Planning and customizing

    the upgrade strategy.

  • Step 3

    Implementing checkout extensibility to enhance your store's checkout experience.


What happens if I don't upgrade before August 13, 2024?

Your Information, Shipping, and Payment pages that rely on checkout.liquid will not function as they are being deprecated.

How will the upgrade benefit my store?

It will enhance your checkout customization capabilities, making your store more adaptable and resilient to future changes and also compliant with shopify regulations

Why .VNS?

We have migrated many Shopify Plus stores to Checkout Extensibility and we have a vast experience on working on edge cases, we know how to code Shopify Functions, Extensions and Apps!.

How much would it cost?

As usual in the development world it depends.

In order to make it easy for you we have created 3 tiers, most of the use cases are covered by Tier 1 and 2

Tier 1: The straight-forward migration, $980.

Tier 2: Ok, this will require more power, IE: One Function, or special pixel configuration, $1.960

Tier 3: You rock, we have something special for you!

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