Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a taste that comforts the soul and disperses the mind, but organizing a well-deserved vacation can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when it comes to going to a travel agency, assessing costs, available dates, scheduling an itinerary, even deciding what activities to do during the visit.

To make this decision a little easier, TTS Viajes, an online shopping service provider, decided to work together with VN Studios to relocate all these steps into one mobile app. Now users choose where, when and how to fly from one click, saving time, doubts, and even money, when making the purchase with their virtual wallet.

Yes! With this benefit from TTS Travel, users access promotions with their different types of cards. Once the collection information is provided, the mobile app links all available offers with the credit card provider, so travelers immediately know the valid discounts and enjoy them more accurately.

Now having at hand the best offers for the travel itinerary, from the availability of flights, most popular places, different tourist packages, the cruise for the dreamed honeymoon, until the return home, is possible thanks to the mobile app that was designed by VN Studios, for TTS Viajes that, at the moment, is compatible with the Android system, available in Play Store. For more information you can visit

You can download the TTS Travel App for:

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