Eating is not only a physiological necessity, but one of the great pleasures of life, but finding the time to get a good place to eat and on top of that, one that is completely satisfying, rich, good-sized and fast is very complicated.

TOTO’S offers quality and giant hamburgers, made with the most delicious meat and together with the companions of the client’s choice, the perfect combinations.


In order to facilitate time and search in this era of “the agile and accessible at hand” VN STUDIOS offered TOTO’S the possibility of having its own online e-commerce based on the mobile application compatible with both iOS and Android.

Also developed for TOTO’S customers the convenience of buying directly without intermediaries and to TOTO’S the possibility of building consumer loyalty. Giving the peace of mind of direct contact with the chain and adding added value unlike their competitors.


An App was developed to strengthen customer loyalty and bring the end consumer closer to the fast food chain. This App has a suite that includes an administration panel, which allows you to load all the branches, the availability of products by branches, varieties, schedules, indicate what means of payment each branch has and the availability of each product.

On the other hand, VN STUDIOS developed a mobile app for posnet based on Android that allows to receive the command. This means that when an order is placed, it is received in the Administration Panel and it is also received in this mobile application in which an alarm sounds, the specialized personnel accepts or rejects the order, and if it is accepted it indicates what is the delay time of the order. The user is immediately informed and can follow the circuit, making him feel safe and comfortable to know the steps of where his order is.

In addition, mobile applications work by geographical areas, this allows the user once downloaded and registered in the App, to be shown which is the closest branch and from there he can connect to his branch. The user can load different addresses and, depending on the address he loads, it is the branch that is assigned to him.

All this was possible thanks to the dedication and design of VN STUDIOS, for more information you can visit

You can download the TOTO’S App for::


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