Want to bet on having your own online store? You probably already know some IT service and development provider. But before you start this new business, know in this article the 10 characteristics of Shopify to achieve the best results and project the growth of your company’s digital channel.

Although there are different software and tools on the market to develop an online store, the functionalities and features of Shopify make this platform the most complete package to manage Internet sales. It provides hosting for virtual stores and most importantly, allows for efficient and quality administration.

Since its creation, Shopify has evolved in line with the growth of e-commerce, incorporating various innovations and peculiarities. Today, it is the simplest comprehensive platform to expand any business from truly attractive possibilities. Get to know the features of Shopify too. Get to know the development of an online shop!

The ABC’s of Shopify features

Design, security and support are the Shopify features that stand out in any analysis at a glance. But if we look deeper into the evaluation, we see that this platform has much more to offer.

1.    Speed

A great advantage of Shopify is that you can create and launch an online store in a very short time. The platform is intuitive: it guides you step by step to set up your own store, customize it to your liking, develop the design and add your business’ products. It takes a matter of hours or minutes, depending on the settings you want to make.

The cloud hosting system does not require generating a code or program an operating system. In addition, it allows for cost savings of your own or your server’s software.

El sistema de alojamiento en la Nube no requiere generar un código o programar un sistema operativo. Además, permite el ahorro del costo del software propio o del servidor.

2. Personal management

Shopify has a very simple interface. The basic premise of the platform is to simplify any process so that the administration of the virtual store is not a problem. Don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience in how to carry out commercial operations on the Internet, the features of Shopify avoid any surprises.

The operation of the platform is simple. At Consequently, it is very easy to learn and understand its structure in order to get the maximum benefit from your own online store.

3.    Professional and elegant design

Shopify design templates are another great advantage of this platform. You will find a really wide range of themes and designs that easily adapt to the needs and tastes of your business. In addition, you can incorporate titles, images and much more for product management.

The templates were created by design professionals, in high quality and fit all device displays smart.

4.    Secure Hosting

The hosting offered by Shopify is of superior quality: unlimited bandwidth. It doesn’t matter which service plan you sign up for, how much you invest, the number of your inventory or visitor traffic. You won’t have to worry about load time either (and losing sales because of this factor), the server supports a large amount of data, at high speed.

The administrator panel will be available on your computer or cell phone. From there you will be able to carry out any management in a comfortable and precise.

5.    Bank security

The level of security handled by Shopify is undoubtedly very high. It offers a superior standard of reliability so that your customers can carry out all types of operations without any worries. It also guarantees the security of the information stored on its servers, as the platform works with the same system used for bank transfers.

6.    Internationalization

If you want to go out into the world with your products, the features of Shopify make it possible. Just select a payment gateway that accepts multiple currencies and features in different languages. The platform automatically adjusts the taxes, based on the location of your shop’s registration.

Don’t worry about all the accounting analysis and recording of figures, Shopify solves it for you.

7.    App Marketplace

We’ve already told you, Shopify‘s features are evolving at the same rate as the growth of e-commerce. That’s why it constantly adds resources that benefit and facilitate the sales of any online store.

This platform is always at the forefront. It has a wide market of applications, some free and some paid, to expand the store’s properties and to improve the company’s performance.

8.    Automatic updates

Shopify is currently the leading e-commerce platform. Its features and functionalities bring together a number of top-level innovations, to the point where many of the competing platforms have had to incorporate some of their most popular resources.

The major benefit of this Shopify feature is that (constant) updates are automatically implemented within seconds.

9.    SEO Tools

Among the features of Shopify is its range of SEO tools, which allow you to improve your position in search engines and attract more organic traffic to your online store. It is well known that being at the top of the results list is the most effective way to make a profit from users. Every time they carry out a search, they will find your products and services.

A good alternative is to create a blog. The goal is to publish content with information relevant to your business sector and lead that audience to the online store.

10.    Information material and service

Shopify‘s commitment to driving e-commerce and entrepreneurship is strong. That’s why it makes available multiple resources such as encyclopedias, videos, guides and even a university with all the significant information for that community.

And if it is a matter of commitment, it also provides a service customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week The team professional in this sector is qualified to solve any problem, answer questions and follow up on your requests. Contact us by mail electronic, chat or telephone.

Shopify features provide effective answers to any online business. This platform is a reliable and profitable option to bet on having your own virtual store. If you still have doubts about how to develop this channel, trust a professional company.

One of the best things about being a Shopify expert is providing our clients with the tools and skills to achieve their goals. If you can dream it, we can do it, it gets done.

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