We want to share a brief comparison on the use of both methodologies in companies of different areas. Where the debate for each one is a constant, we bring the reason why more and more people choose to work with agile methodologies.
Once a company is hired to develop a project (be it a website or an app), it will work in two possible ways: cascade or scrum.

What are their differences?
Cascade work is classic and historically used. In this case, what happens are the following 3 stages:
1) Analysis of the project and delimitation of tasks: at this point we work with the client to find out their need and plan the steps to follow to fully develop their app or website .
2) Project development: the web or app is completed based on what was planned in the first point.
3) Project delivery: the finished project is shown to the client. At this point, what can happen is the
conformity or not of the same with respect to the result of the work.
When working in this way, what happens in almost all cases is that the client receives a project that did not go as planned and requests changes to a job that has already used all the planned development hours. This extends the delivery times and in many occasions generates annoyance in the client, who feels that the developers do not understand it.

The work based on the scrum process is different. The first step is about evaluating the project requirement. There the customer’s order is analyzed and stipulated.
Then, we work on sprints, which are blocks of 2 to 4 weeks in which the work is done in stages.
The client, meanwhile, will see the development of the project sprint by sprint and may make changes or agree with the work done so far. In this way, the process between the client and the company is harmonious and develops sprint by sprint, specifying a deliverable that is ready to go into production.

How do we work at VN Studios?
We have the necessary equipment to implement agile methodologies in Argentina and the world. In our company we work all our projects under the scrum process, certified by ISO 9001 quality standards, thus achieving faster and more efficient results.

If you are interested in entrusting us with your project, you can count on us. We look forward to your contact to advance.

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