Building a community of influencers who love your brand can help you drive sales.

If you are already a shopify member we have excellent news for you, the Shopify Collabs APP helps you get creators and influencers who can promote your products, support your brand and increase your sales. And it is absolutely free.

With Shopify Collabs you can have access to:

Choose creators that fit your brand

Find creators who align with your brand and invite them to apply to your affiliate program. Creators can also apply directly from their apply page.

Give presents

Send samples and discounts to creators so they can bring their products to life with authentic stories for their fans

Measure success in one place

Track your affiliate program's performance with easy-to-understand analytics. Stay on top of the creators and products that are driving sales.

Affiliate links and codes

Create unique discount codes and referral links to track creator-driven sales.


Easily track and pay affiliate commissions through PayPal.


If you are not yet a shopify member, don't wait any longer! We help you create your online store and we deliver it to you ready to sell and manage it... we are Shopify Experts... Write Us here

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