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We are a Software Agency that started 15 years ago with a vision of providing custom software development in a world that was being transformed by the internet.

Our trajectory as a software factory and experience have shaped the company and its employees into a solid team of exceptional professionals that have the flexibility, creativity and attention for details to undertake any project.

What's our value proposition? We know that many clients are not technology experts, so we are focused on communicating in an accessible and empathic way and using our flexibility to provide a custom made service for each client.

We love what we do.

  • Ricardo Ceci


    "When I founded the studio I had a vision to make an impact in a world that was changing with the internet and combine my accounting degree with my programming passion.

    A long time has passed since our beginnings and I am excited with this new time in VNS where we get the opportunity to stay true to our root and serve more clients, grow and expand with the leadership of my old friend and partner Pablo Veliz."

  • Pablo Veliz


    "As part of my role in the company leadership I do what I like most, research and recommend, generate proposals for constant improvement, for our customers and staff members alike.

    In my early beginnings as a developer I found a passion in teaching, this allowed me to contribute to the new generation of young professionals in several Universities like IT Master or Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) to name a few.

    I love Star Wars, gathering with friends, but my biggest passion and accomplishment is my family."

  • Leandro Layerle


    "I am passionate about new technologies and a constant student of the latest trends.

    As part of my role in the company I have the opportunity to lead a great team of professionals that motivate me for greatness every day.

    My roots in .Net coding and agile management have served me well in our mission of bringing great service to our customers.

    I love theater, comedy and love to cook."

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ISO 9001:2015

In VNS we also have a commitment with quality, we are certified ISO 9001:2015. We are a team of young and curious professionals with the mission of collaborating with our clients business, and that's why we are in constant movement, training and innovating in technological solutions.