Developing websites with a professional content administrator such as WordPress we give you the possibility of adding, updating and editing content in your own site according to your preferences. With no need of codification or knowledge of HTML Language.

You will be able to keep the existing content and control of all images, to copy, to change format, control calendars, blogs, among others from your website.

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All our developments are created based on the need of our clients and have the following characteristics:

  • Responsible Web technology through which we can guarantee optimum visual experience among a wide variety of devices, from small 4 inches screens up to 27 inches or more.
  • Unique Development: Being a customized website, the design and its characteristics will be unique on the internet. There won’t be anything similar.
  • We can add any tool the client requires, such as comparators, online quoting systems, browsers, etc.
  • Being customized, there are no boundaries or restrictions in the variety of functionalities that it can have.
  • Compatibility with latest versions of Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox.
  • PHP 5+, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS3 use, taking into account those required for each project.
  • Web upload in testing environments, so that the client can see its website fully operative before launching it to the public, correcting necessary details.

The Programming Languages that we use are

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