Bellow there is a list of the reasons why hiring a Working Cell can be necessary:


The work to be done includes the next stages and tasks:

Stage I: Initial Survey and Analysis

During this stage, a study and revision shall be carried out as regards the functioning and development code that will be used in the project.

All Access and necessary elements shall be checked so that solutions to any problems and new developments can be correctly provided taking into account due dates.

Stage II: Corrective Developmental Support

During this stage requests of adjustments, modifications and changes on the project shall be received.

VN Studios will provide clients with a tool to carry out the follow up of Tickets based on the Redmine platform so that the organization can inform and control every requirement.

Each request shall be evaluated according to the level of complexity (High, Medium, Low) and an estimated resolution time shall be provided.

A record of hours shall be registered so that the organization and VN Studios can control the arranged proposal.

For those cases in which hiring working cells is necessary, a budget shall be made taking into account the particular necessities of the organization.


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